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Artist and designer, Sandra Fettingis speaks to Voight Kampff Magazine 

Current City: Denver, CO

How long have you been designing and when did it all begin?  I’ve been seriously making art for over a decade.  But, I grew up with artist parents, so ever since I was a kid I either had a camera, a marker or some sort of craft supply in my hand.  

What would you say are the main influences on your work or style? Where do you draw inspiration from?  My work tends to be material driven. I love finding new materials, mixing them and allowing this interaction to dictate the direction of a piece or body of work.  Design in general is a major influence and inspiration on my work: graphic, architecture, fashion, object, furniture.. a lot from the 70’s, as well as contemporary drawing, installation and street work. 

What are your preferred methods of production and what materials do you like to use?  Currently, I use a computer to design, a laser for material cuts, and my hands for spray painting and assembling.  As my work grows, I am increasingly more interested in making work that involves more hands on production.  And, right now I am interested in raw woods, thin materials such as styrene and paper, and spray paint.




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(by Christa Noelle ♥)

Triangles over volcanos… So fucking Meta. 

untitled by savvysmilinginlove on Flickr.
basically what i look like when i go to school